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These are beautiful.

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Veeerrrryyy loosely based on the "Emergence" rebroadcast Radiolab did a few weeks ago. Mostly I just wanted to draw cicadas. Who’s ready for brood II?

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Bees Are important. Don’t forget it!
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last tattoo of the 2013 on brandon, one of my oldest clients and favorite people. i loved doing this. 

it’s been a great year, guys, full of big things in both my personal and professional lives. thanks for everything, thanks for getting tattooed, thanks for looking at my stuff. i really appreciate it so much! i still feel so lucky and awed to get to do this job on the daily.

happy new year! see you soon, i hope!

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The Gouldian finch are small, brightly colored birds with green backs, yellow bellies, and purple breasts  with a light blue uppertail and a cream undertail. Sometimes called lady gouldians, their facial color can vary, but black is the most common. Gouldian finch chicks are equipped with blue phosphorescent beads along their mouths, making it easy for the parents to feed them in the darkness of the nest cavity.

Photo credit: Greg Grall/National Aquarium


WHAT indeed.

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st. john’s wort, a great lakes beer, hammock naps & digging in the dirt.

That’s what it is these days.

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#HomeToKansas This is the first photo my mother Dora Lou gave to my father, Russ Clark in 1948, as students @KansasStateUniversity They were married in 1950, and just past their 64th wedding anniversary. The celebration this weekend is not only for my fathers 90th birthday but also their 64th year together. @thephotosociety @instituteartist

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Yesway “Woahcean”

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"'Nature marks each growth..according to its curative benefit'"

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5BORO VHS Series | AisleOne

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Illustration by Tyler Wintermute.

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